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FACES 2015 Summer Academy Poster
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"Possibly the greatest summer program I have ever been in. I will never forget this."

"FACES has touched my heart more than any other program I have been in…FACES has given me a reason to work harder in the classroom, step out of my routine to help someone else.  Impacted is not the word; it’s more like inspired or changed.”

“FACES has cultivated a love for medicine and introduced so many opportunities that I have analyzed to see where my true passion in medicine lies.”

“FACES has taught me to appreciate myself for who I am and recognize the potential I have to impact my community and the greater society.”

"I was exposed to things I never dreamed of. The boldness of this program truly makes me unafraid and confident in entering any medical career of my choice."

"The program was truly a blessing...If I've never been sure about anything I want to do, I am sure now! And thank you for the most wonderful experience yet."

"I loved the close knit groups that we formed. It's very professional, interactive—great!"

"It was great...and I feel I've had an experience that most people will never have."

"The overall program was amazing. I truly feel as though I gained so much information and insight, as well as great friends and connections."

"The program was life changing. The eye-opening experiences, the incredible exposure, and the inspirational speakers. . . It has truly impassioned me to become a doctor."

"I wasn't sure about med school—now I can't wait!"

(FACES Summer Medical Academy Students)





FACES for the Future Coalition

FACES for the Future Summer Medical Academy

DATES for the 2015 FSMA are July 6 – 17
Application deadline has been extended until April 24, 2015 at 5:00 pm

Health Professions Academy

Founded in 2005, the FACES Summer Medical Academy (FSMA) is a tuition-based, intensive summer experience designed to expose high school students to the fields of medicine, nursing, and allied health professions. In partnership with Samuel Merritt University, the goal of the program is to offer youth a glimpse into the array of advanced educational strategies and tools that comprise current medical training. Furthermore, young people are introduced to critical concepts that promote an understanding of culturally responsive and compassionate health care practice.

During the two-week academy, FSMA students are exposed to clinical skills training, gross anatomy and pathology workshops, clinical simulation scenarios, problem-based learning, and workshops in patient centered care models. FSMA students are taught by physicians, nurses, and other health professionals. They also experience mentoring in small groups led by college and graduate students focused on careers in medicine and the health professions.

Program Qualifications: The FSMA seeks applicants who are:

  • Motivated, responsible, high-achieving students.
  • 15 years or older.
  • Genuinely interested in learning about a career in health care.
  • Willing to participate fully in a unique learning experience.

How to Apply:
Interested students are required to complete an application. Applications are reviewed in the order they are received, and qualified students will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis. We accept approximately 30 students for the summer program. Late applications are not accepted.

To download a program application, click here.


Tuition for the program is $1900.00 and covers all expenses including lunch, transportation for field trips, course materials, and graduation. We regret that financial assistance to students is unavailable at this time.

For questions or more information about the FACES Summer Medical Academy, please contact Brooke Briggance, Program Manager for the FACES for the Future Coalition, at 510-285-5653 or

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